Pay a Deposit of €100 and Book A show

A Fully computerised version of a TV Favourite.

Complete with all the graphics & sound effects.

The balance of €200 to be paid one week before event


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Product Details

The balance of €300 to be paid one week before event


What we bring to your PUB show

80′ Projector Screen with Gameshow Displayed

Epson Projector

40′ TV Screen with Adverts

Yamaha Sound Mixer

2 x Yamaha DXR12 Speakers

2 x Wireless Microphone Systems

3 x Wired Microphone Systems

4 x A4 Printed Posters

Event Tickets Designs

4 x Social Media Advert Designs

You will need to decide on what you will offer as prizes.

2 Teams of up 16 making up a total of 32 contestants* can take part in a choice of 5 shows to Qualify for Deal (or no Deal) at the end of the night for the star prize.

* 2 more can be drawn as part of a raffle.

Please contact me before you book for to discuss details on format.

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